Initiative 7:

Initiative Coordinators: Nora Newcombe (PI) and Louis Gomez

SILC continuously strives to increase diversity in the field of spatial learning. At a personnel level, we recruit under-represented minorities, women, and people with disabilities through outreach efforts such as summer internships, opportunities for high school students, and alliances with spatial researchers at institutions that differentially serve under-represented groups. At the research level, we conduct much of our research in cooperation with the Chicago Public Schools, which serves a diverse population, and we target research questions that concern full participation of under-represented groups in STEM disciplines.

If you are a high school student or undergraduate from an under-represented group, and you are interested in a summer internship at a SILC institution, please contact:

♦ Julia Erlanger, SILC Program Coordinator, Temple University
    Information on Temple University internship recruitment opportunities can be found:

  1. at the Research in Spatial Cognition Lab Internships page and
  2. at the Temple Infant and Child Laboratory. Click on the Lab's Internships and Job Opportunities page.
Jodi Khan, University of Chicago 
     Information about internship opportunities in Susan Levine's Lab: Cognitive Development Lab (part of the Center for Early Childhood Research) at the University of Chicago (working in conjunction with the Collegiate Scholars program) can be found at:


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